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Our mirrors now come in three colors!

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Here is Ginny and her friend Jackie in Oakland, CA.
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Diane...I received my new mirror...and wore it for my first ride across the new Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA. I LOVE this mirror...stable and it is out of my way while offering a great view of what is coming up behind me.

Ordering Tips: Please be sure to enter the BILLING zip code on the check-out form even if you are shipping to a different address. If you are shipping to another address, the confirmation will only show your billing address; however, the shipping address will be received with the order. Thank you.

We send product samples with every mirror order!
You will be able to try our Aloe Up Pro Sport SPF30 sun block and our best chamois cream (and one of the first!) Chamois Butt'R - now available in a formula especially for women!

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PLEASE NOTE: If at any time you have a problem with this web site, please call (216) 310-4482 and we will address it immediately! Thanks.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: To order products from our store from outside the U.S., please send me an email. We ship via Global Priority Mail and will calculateC postage and let you know the total.

Chamois Butt'R - The original and still one of the best products out there. Keeps you from chafing; helps prevent bacterial issues. Now, available for "Her" too!
The Halo Anti-Freeze Headband - Keeps your ears warm and still gives you that "sweat protector" of all the other Halo products. Yes, it's time to think cool weather!
Cue Clip - Simple, useful, and lightweight. Velcro straps hold the little alligator clip in place. Blue, black, yellow, or red! Made right here in NE Ohio!


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